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Brigham Young University

BYU Football BYU Baseball BYU Gymnastics
BYU Softball BYU Women's Soccer BYU Men's Cross Country
BYU Women's Cross Country BYU Golf BYU Women's Golf
BYU Volleyball BYU Women's Volleyball BYU Basketball
BYU Women's Basketball BYU Men's Tennis BYU Women's Tennis
BYU Men's Swimming/Diving BYU Women's Swimming/Diving BYU Women's Track & Field
BYU Men's Track & Field BYU Hockey

College of Eastern Utah

College of Eastern Utah Baseball College of Eastern Utah Women's Volleyball College of Eastern Utah Basketball
College of Eastern Utah Women's Basketball

Dixie State College

Dixie Baseball Dixie Golf Dixie Basketball

Salt Lake Community College

SLCC Baseball SLCC Softball SLCC Women's Volleyball
SLCC Basketball SLCC Women's Basketball

Snow College

Snow Football Snow Basketball

Southern Utah University

SUU Football SUU Baseball SUU Gymnastics
SUU Softball SUU Golf SUU Basketball

University of Utah

UofU Football UofU Baseball UofU Gymnastics
UofU Softball UofU Women's Soccer UofU Women's Cross Country
UofU Golf UofU Women's Volleyball UofU Men's Ski & Snowboard
UofU Women's Ski & Snowboard UofU Basketball UofU Women's Basketball
UofU Men's Tennis UofU Women's Tennis UofU Men's Swimming/Diving
UofU Women's Swimming/Diving UofU Women's Track & Field UofU Hockey

Utah State University

USU Football USU Gymnastics USU Softball
USU Women's Soccer USU Men's Cross Country USU Women's Cross Country
USU Golf USU Women's Volleyball USU Basketball
USU Women's Basketball USU Men's Tennis USU Women's Tennis
USU Women's Track & Field USU Men's Track & Field USU Hockey

Utah Valley University

Utah Valley Baseball Utah Valley Softball Utah Valley Women's Soccer
Utah Valley Men's Cross Country Utah Valley Women's Cross Country Utah Valley Golf
Utah Valley Women's Golf Utah Valley Women's Volleyball Utah Valley Basketball
Utah Valley Women's Track & Field Utah Valley Men's Track & Field Utah Valley Wrestling
Utah Valley Hockey

Weber State University

Weber Football Weber Softball Weber Women's Soccer
Weber Men's Cross Country Weber Women's Cross Country Weber Golf
Weber Women's Golf Weber Women's Volleyball Weber Basketball
Weber Women's Basketball Weber Men's Tennis Weber Women's Tennis
Weber Women's Track & Field Weber Men's Track & Field

Westminster College

Westminster Soccer Westminster Women's Soccer Westminster Men's Cross Country
Westminster Women's Cross Country Westminster Golf Westminster Women's Golf
Westminster Lacrosse Westminster Women's Lacrosse Westminster Women's Volleyball
Westminster Men's Ski & Snowboard Westminster Women's Ski & Snowboard Westminster Basketball
Westminster Women's Basketball