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12 pack for the PAC-12...and a trip down memory lane. Add Comment    Jun 17, 2010


            The year was 1994, the coach was Ron McBride, the opponent was Arizonacough PAC-10The winner of the Freedom Bowl was the Utah Utes.  The AP Poll ranked them 10th and the Coaches Poll had them at 8th.  That year a total of 4 ranked teams fell victim to the U of U.  Along with Arizona.cough PAC-10, there was Colorado State, BYU and Oregoncough PAC-10.  Before McBride Utah had been left out of Bowl contention for 28 consecutive years.

            In 1995 Utah got Its first share of a conference championship in 31 years, as they ended the season as Co-Champions of the WAC.  Ron McBride was the best thing to ever happen to Utah! He built the foundation for many great years to come and set the stage for the University to be mentioned among the nations elite.

            The Las Vegas bowl in 2001 featured a match up between the USC coached Pete Carroll and quarterback Carson Palmer, and the Utah Utes who went on to win 13-10. Oh and USC.cough PAC-10 school.

            2003, I remember watching Utah slug it out with the Texas A&M Aggies.  Brett Elliot lunged for the goal line only to be met by some very stubborn Aggie defenders.  Time expired and the Utes fell just short of victory, and even worse lost their starting quarterback to a wrist injury.  Nobody had any way of knowing how fortunate of an event that turned out to be.  You may have heard the name Alex Smith before, he ended up with the starting job and finished the rest of that season only losing 1 game to New Mexico.  Now in his defense, I take full blame for that loss.  You see, as the stadium was filling up, and the teams were still warming up.  I watched a New Mexico receiver run into the end zone with the ball and kind of taunt the crowd.  I took the bait by yelling, Dont get used to that feeling cause you wont see the end zone again.  Lets just say the final score wasnt pretty.  Brett Elliott decided to transfer to a division II school, cause he knew Alex wasnt going to lose his starting spot. 

            The next season, 2004, Alex led the Utes to the Fiesta Bowl where not even ArizonacoughPAC-10 school, could get in the way.  Utah went on to defeat Pitt 35-7.  I find it very interesting that Pitt was the final victim of that historic season as Utah became the first non-AQ school to bust into the BCS.  Now Pitt will be the first team that the Utes will play in their last season as a MWC member.

            Seems like just yesterday, but in the 2008 season Utah was at it again, this time with some extremely intense games.  A couple of come from behind wins and all of a sudden they found themselves in the middle of bustin the BCS once again.  This time with an oponent who spent most the season with a #1 ranking.  Utah would finish being ranked higher than ever.  Nobody thought little David could take on such a big Goliath.

            June 17, 2010, Utah held the press conference announcing to the world they will be moving on up, as the song released by P1 Jared states, by joining the PAC-10 in the 2011-2012 season.  Now that Utah will belong to the PAC-12 I find it fitting that today should go down in the books as a holiday.  I officially declare today as Utah 12-pack day.  One must stop everything he/she is doing and purchase a 12-pack every June 17 to honor the special occasion that Utah was invited to play with the big boys. 

            As I conclude my quote, unquote article, and sip on my freshly opened Dr. Pepperwhich is from the 12-pack I purchased to celebrate this wonderful occasion.  I invite everyone to stop what you are doing, go to the store, purchase a 12-pack, crack it open and drink.


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