BYU loses to Florida in an overtime heartbreaker in the NCAA sweet 16.

Mar 25, 2011

As the clocked ticket to zero and BYU took a heartbreaker loss to Florida in overtime, you could feel Jimmer mania slipping away.  You could see in every BYU fans face something great leaving their hearts.  A season of highs with Jimmers great shooting, a team delivering on a three seed in the NCAA ...

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Aggies and Cougars Head to Tournament

Mar 14, 2011

As we figured, both the BYU Cougars and the Utah State Aggies made the NCAA tournament.  As we figured as well, both teams will play in the South East bracket.  Only problem, they both need to win big to actually play each other.  They would actually meet in the elite eight if they do play. So, we a...

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Rumor Central - Dave Rose to the Utah Utes as Basketball Coach

Mar 05, 2011

Dave Rose to go to the Utah Utes in 2012. As always it is interesting when you hear a bit of news that has not been confirmed.  It has been something that has been passed around the media a bit, but no real truth to it.  I thought it would be interesting to hear anyone's take on this. In my mind, BY...

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Danny Ainge on Brandon Davies

Mar 04, 2011

This is a great clip on whatis going on, ad what it is like at BYU.  Danny Ainge did a great job here.

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BYU Honor Code

Mar 03, 2011

With Brandon Davies no out indefinitely from playing basketball at BYU, the reason for his dismissal now known, and the huge loss to New Mexico last night, it is time to look at what has caused all this commotion, the BYU Honor Code.  Here is what is says and also a link to the entire document: Be h...

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New Mexico vs. BYU

Mar 02, 2011

On the day the news reported that the number three ranked Cougars had lost their best big man, BYU had to play their first game of the season with adversity.  The gymnasium seemed empty.  Not that the crowed was not in the game, but that a key player, a BYU family member was missing.  The outcome of...

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BYU Hit Hard By Suspension

Mar 01, 2011

Hot off the press, BYU announces that they will be Suspending Brandon Davies from the team for the rest of the season for violating the honor code.  Brandon is a Forward on the team and has been an important piece of the team for years.  This loss will take out a big part of size, minutes and points...

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Jimmer Mania

Feb 23, 2011

So I decided today to finally write about Jimmer.  I must first say that LDS folks are to only believe in one God, but I think that is officially out the window for most BYU fans.  This kid is lighting it up, hitting shots that are incredible and making others that guard him look almost hi...

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Jan 11, 2011

I was down in Las Vegas when BYU played UNLV.  I was there to attend CES.  For me, each year CES is fun to see all the new technology, to catch up with old friends in the industry and to look for potential business.  This year I added a new line to my attendance.  Paying to go to a BYU game where Ut...

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Just in case you hadn't heard, BYU/UTAH rivarly continues.

Oct 08, 2010

I know it's old news now but here are the dates for the future rivarly game as posted on ESPN... In related news, Boise State is now off the schedule as of now.  Boise fans I'm sure will say it was from fear.  Blah blah blah, let them talk, then re...

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PAC-10 errr 12 press release! It is as official as it gets!

Jun 17, 2010

Pac-10 press release from SALT LAKE CITY -- The Pacific-10 Conference announced today that the University of Utah has accepted an invitation to join the Conference as its 12th member. The Utes and the University of Colorado, which accepted an invitation to join the Pac-10 last week...

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Boise State to the MWC

Jun 12, 2010

So it happened, even after all of the hoopla telling Boise they were not wanted, they really were.  Why?  I guess to let everyone have a positioning chip just in case.  Either way, they are here and the MWC is stronger and should have an opportunity for a BCS auto bid very soon.  Boise and TCU will ...

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Utes in the PAC-10

May 12, 2010

  Again the rumors have resurfaced! With the big conspiracy with the Big Ten trying to expand to a 14 16 team conference (all being denied right now) it begs the question...What about the Pac-10.  Oddly enough I was offered a wager that the Pac 10 would announce the welcoming of the University of U...

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Good news for BYU Basketball

May 10, 2010

   Jimmer Fredette is coming back.  Playing it smart and not hiring an agent, Jimmer has withdrawn from the NBA draft and will indeed be returning to the hardwood sporting his white and blue.  He is a freak of nature and will have a huge impact on the BYU basketball team's success.  So losing Loyd j...

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Michael Loyd, Jr leaving the "Y"

May 06, 2010

When I first heard about this "change" in the program, it was from KFNN Radio on the DJ & PK show.  PK, who is not my favorite, but has some good points from time to time, if you can ignore his whining.  He stated that it was a black thing,  and it was tough to be a black player at a white schoo...

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BYU Played Well

Apr 06, 2010

BYU ends the regular season with a win in the first round of the NCAA tournament.  This is a big step for them as they have failed to leave the first round for some time.  In fact the last few years they matched up against Texas A&M and could never get past that team.  This year, thankfully they...

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BYU and the Flop

Jan 31, 2010

So take a great game and ruin it.  Yes, referee, ruin it.  Thank you BYU for the FLOP.  You officially have stepped to a new low.  Bad enough that Mr. "Max Hates Me To" Hall had to spoil your big football win with the reminder that he cannot turn the other cheek.  Yesterday was plain sad for BYU as ...

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You Can't Win Them All

Jan 28, 2010

BYU is a great team this year.  Losing to New Mexico is not a bad sign.  For one, it is tough to play in New Mexico.  It seems like every year when a team is playing at the highest level, whether it is Utah, UNLV or even Utah (years ago) a trip to New Mexico would end a long winning streak.  This ye...

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