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Utes in the PAC-10 Add Comment    May 12, 2010


Again the rumors have resurfaced! With the big conspiracy with the Big Ten trying to expand to a 14 16 team conference (all being denied right now) it begs the question...What about the Pac-10.  Oddly enough I was offered a wager that the Pac 10 would announce the welcoming of the University of Utah to the conference would happen this summer, and if not I would receive a complimentary dinner.  Although the source was never mentioned he had quite the conviction, enough conviction to make me feel like I would actually be buying him dinner! 

Now I am calling all fansboth red and blue to comment on the pros and cons of moving conferences. My list is as follows:


BCS conference

Better recruiting

No more MTN network (that one just came to me and I think on that alone I am sold!)

Better money


Better schedulePeople wont be as afraid to come play at our house.



We will now be a part of the BCS beast that has been fun to hate and bust up.admit it, half the fun is knowing we dont belong, and yet we continue to wreak havoc!

Ticket prices will rise

BYU fans will whine (oops that one is a PRO)



I also want to know how everyone thinks we would do in the first few seasons

Throw some numbers out there! Are we bowl eligible, do we win the conference, do we win at all, does Max Hall begin to hate us even more, the possibilities are endless! I believe we would be looking at an 8 win season...some of those stadiums are hostile.  I was at the rose bowl for the UCLA vs UTAH game, the stadium wasnt full and you could feel the crowd in your chestjust sayin! NUTS!  Lets get the debate goin!

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