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Utah State going up against the big dog, Auburn Add Comment    Aug 29, 2011

As football season starts, we look at the big schools making a point about the PAC-12 or Independence.  We look at the smaller schools just keeping up with the status quo.  In this article, it might actually seem right to look at this large school in a mid-tier market and say that they have the biggest game of the week or even in the state against Auburn.  Maybe BYU's game against Old Miss has some credit, but really, Old Miss is not even ranked.  It is funny to hear all the hype for BYU and Utah, how big their games are, but reality is, the Aggies are up against number 23 Auburn, the defending champs and you know Auburn does not want to have happen to them what almost happened to Oklahoma last year or Texas A&M two years ago.  Utah State is ready for this game, their team is better, Anderson has his recruits playing full-time now and everyone is on the same system.  I am not calling upset, but Auburn better be ready for some tough play.  This game will be good.


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