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Utah Claims Victory, But Good Enough? Add Comment    Jan 07, 2010

With the Utes win this weekend over Louisville, the University of Utah’s student body may be happy with the result, in fact, they may be happy for a win. If you look at the game, I would say success, but was that win good enough? When playing an unranked opponent, non-conference team at home, one has to be happy with a win. A Louisville team that was ranked years ago is not that same Louisville team today. Looking at the score, it seems ok, but I think that Utah could have, should have put up 40+, and not have given up so much. The individual stats are not that of the BCS years and we all know that this team has a lot to learn, but against teams like Louisville, it should not be that difficult. Of course give Cain credit for 51 rushing yard and two passing TD’s, he is coming along. Let’s just get a new offensive coordinator before another big game.

Cain’s stats are not strong, the running game, as we have known since the beginning, would be the saving grace, but even this week, the numbers are not where I think, even coach Whittingham would prefer. I think that Coach is just as confused as how things are going as his picture on Wikipedia (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kyle_Whittingham) makes it look. There is a lot to learn and learn they will, but I better not see an 8-4 team this year. If they do that, that is what is expected, but now days, the tradition for football is 12-0.

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