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Utah at BYU - Rivalry - The Holy War Add Comment    Sep 15, 2011

Many of you have been waiting for this article.  So here you go.  Pac-12 versus Independent.    It is going to be a good game, regardless of what you have seen out of either team so far this year.  I had the chance to flip back and forth last Saturday as BYU lost to Texas and Utah lost to USC.  I was really hoping for both teams to win.  As I watched, I saw two teams that are still trying to put things together and trying to figure out if they are good or not.  So for each team.  Utah, yes I am a Ute fan.  And I honestly worry about this week.  The defense kept Utah in the game last week against USC, but again, that is a Lane Kiffen coached team.  No disrespect, but he is not a good coach.  The Utah offense has potential, but with Wynn at the helm, it spells disaster, unless Coach Whittingham can get him to play well.  The Defense can play better, but look pretty good.  BYU, they looked great against Texas in the first quarter, but even then they were great between the 20's, but red zone was obsolete.  It was that way the week before as well.  Defense, was great in the first quarter as well, but they look like they can get run on.  So for me, both teams look equally good and bad, and to tell the truth, it is anyones game.

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