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BYU over UCF Add Comment    Sep 26, 2011

From the beginning of the game, it looked like BYU might be in trouble again.  UCF is not a bad team, but again, they are not the greatest either.  As I watched this game, I saw a defense working very hard to keep a team in the game.  Special teams played a big part as well.  Watching the first kickoff return TD in years, was something amazing.  The end result was a win for BYU, a great way to bounce back from the loss to Utah.  There are still problems lurking though.  I see a team that is still trying to find itself.  As I listen to the experts talk about BYU, I still hear how awesome they are and how great Jake Heaps is.  I am confused by all of this talk.  As I have watched this team play over the last two weeks, I see a big problem, Jake Heaps!!!  This is your leader, your Heisman guy your national champion leader falling apart at every seam.  During the game against UCF, I saw a team struggle, until they decided to run the ball and then boom, success.  So looking forward, I think that taking the ball out of Heaps hands, wins games.


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