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Badger's Lose #1 Ranking In Tough Home Loss Add Comment    Sep 22, 2016

Our Snow College Badgers dreams of a perfect season ended Saturday when the Mesa Thunderbirds upset them 33 - 19. Coming off a 10 - 1 season and enjoying the preseason #1 ranking by the NJCAA. This loss stings and will motivate the Badgers for the rest of the season.

Mesa controlled momentum, and the Badgers were unable to find the rhythm until it was too late. Snow was able to score first with a field goal after the drive stalled in the first quarter but that was the only lead for the Badgers this game.

There was constant pressure on Justin Miller all game. This led to 6 sacks and countless mistakes, one of the worst being an interception returned over 50 yards for a touchdown. That turnover led to a 13 - 3 lead for Mesa which switched the momentum in their favor. Playing error filled football is out of character for Snow and the players clearly lacked the confidence needed to pull this one out after things started to turn bad on the field.

Unfortunately, the second half did not improve things much for the Badgers. Mesa was able to attempt and successfully recover an onside kick which led to another Mesa score and pushed the visitors lead to 30 - 5. Snow added scoring late in the 3rd and 4th quarters but unfortunately it was too little too late and they were now staring at the first loss of the season.

And while losses like this stink, Snow is still an outstanding football team with a bright future for this season and for years to come.

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